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Global Friendly EcoGreen Real Estate Agent Certification Program - Since 2007

Setting the Gold Standard for Green Real Estate Practices.

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Real estate agents are involved with most transactions that transfer ownership of homes and land in the U.S. and abroad. The point of sale is a perfect place for agents to engage both buyers and sellers of property with conversation and provide information on how owners can increase the energy efficiency of their home, improve the indoor air quality, and use environmentally friendly material when upgrading and remodeling their homes and businesses. With this information clients will learn about the potential to increase the value of their property, reduce pollution in the environment, and reduce depletion of the earth's resources.

Upcoming & Current Classes:

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This program was developed in 2007 by real estate agent Sharon Ledbetter with an advisory committee of agents, brokers, and leading ecologists. The program is designed to inspire and generate action. Our facilitators are specialists and pioneers in the fields of the topics presented.

After our first series we polled agents asking if we should leave the program in series form, or reduce number of meetings to 3, 6 hour days. The response was that we should leave the program as a series. Each class is an extensive exploration of the topic so time between 3 hour classes to assimilate is essential.

As you read through this web site you will find many statements from the agents who have completed the program who were more then pleased and are putting the information they gained into practice.

Topics will include:

  • Energy Efficiency in the Home
  • Water Conservation & Quality
  • Indoor Air Quality in the Home
  • Green Building - Remodeling & New
  • How to Help Clients Research Their Green Home Options
  • Marketing Your New Skills
  • How to stay current with rapidly changing green regulations and options for the home environment

Mission and Goals

EcoGreen Real Estate Agent Certification Programsm Mission
Promoting ecologically sustainable & healthy homes & businesses through the education of real estate agents and the public in green building and remodeling, energy and water conservation, and other sustainable options.

EcoGreen Real Estate Agent Mission
Provide information about ecologically sustainable& healthy environments with clients for their homes or businesses, including energy and water conservation, and green building options.

The goals of this program for agents who complete of the course :

  1. Agents will gain a better understanding of the elements of the home from an environmental friendly perspective. Agents will gain an understanding of how reduction of energy use and the use of non-toxic building materials in the home can contribute to reducing global resources, thus creating a more healthy living environment.

  2. Agents will gain the skills to make a basic assessment of the home that can assist listing clients make choices that include the possibility of refurbishing their home for the market with environmentally friendly products and making energy efficient changes.

  3. With these same skills, agents can provide buyers with information for an ecogreen home environment. Once an environmentally friendly map of the home is complete, a buyer can make the changes before moving into their new home or implement them over a period of time as their budget allows.

  4. Explore a marketing plan to reach the growing number of potential clients who are becoming environmentally conscious.

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Course Completion Certificates will be issued within 15 days of completing the course. Records of Course Completion Certificate will be maintained for a minimum of five years at the Global Friendly Office.

The California Department of Real Estate has approved this course for continuing education credit (approval #4753). However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructor, authors, or lecturers.

Full details and schedule will be available at the conclusion of the registration process. If you have questions prior to registering, please call us at (707) 217-8484.


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